Industrial and academic collaborations

The Instrumentation Group of LPEM takes part of numerous collaboration projects with academic laboratories and industrial companies. Recent academic laboratories are for instance from:

  • Montpellier University (France)
  • Toulouse University (France)
  • IFSTAR (France)
  • Tongji University (China)
  • Leicester University (UK)
  • ...

Industrial collaborations can be within the framework of a national or European project or by direct contract between an industrial and Instrumentation group. That latter situation is particularly adapted for the study or the development of innovative systems for which intellectual property can be adjusted as necessary. The Instrumentation Group has collaborate with

  • FCBA, ONF, UCFF, ... (wood interest)
  • Sagem, Nexans, General Electric, ... (high voltage interest)
  • Hitachi, Faurecia, Faiveley, Bostik, Total, Geo-Instrumentation, ... (specific sensors studies)
  • Thales, ... (high frequency interest)


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