Equipment and facilities

Instrumentation Group has a large number of equipments including:

  • Software (ADS, HFSS, COMSOL, MatLab, Labview, Eagle...)
  • High frequency Equipment (7 spectrum analyzers from 20 Hz to 46 GHz, 4 network analyzers from 5 Hz to 40 GHz, 5 generators from 1 kH to 20 GHz, 10 GHz digitizer, IQ modulator, ...)
  • Anechoic chamber from 500 MHz to 70 GHz (2 m x 2 m x 4 m) equipped with two calibrated antennas and positioning modules
  • 3-5 µm cooled infrared camera
  • Lasers for heating (10 W), for interacting with material (femtosecond) and for ablation (nanosecond)
  • High voltage supply (6 continuous voltage up to 150 kV, 50 Hz up to 40 kV rms, and arbitrary up to 10 kV, ...)
  • Impedance meter for dielectric measurements
  • Non magnetic helium cryostat
  • Microscope, point table, ...
  • ...


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